What’s the Weather Like?

June 6, 2020

WINTER in the Black Hills is pretty enchanting.  Hill City, on the eastern slopes of the Black Hills, has high temperatures usually ranging from the 30s to the mid 40s.  Our snow doesn’t stick around for long (it’s white just in the shady areas), however, the higher elevations to the north and west have lots of snow!  This makes for great snowmobiling, skiing and photography.

Blessed with four beautiful seasons, our SPRING, April and May, is the best season for viewing wildlife.  The weather can be perfect for outdoor activities, such as hiking and biking, with temps ranging from the mid-50s to the mid-70s.  Most of the Black Hill’s rainfall comes in April and May, and there’s a good chance you’ll still see snow at higher elevations.

Ninety percent of all visitors to the Black Hills come in the SUMMER months of June, July and August. Hill City averages 75 to 80 degrees during the day (never has a temperature of 100 been recorded!) and about 50 degrees overnight. Daytime high temperatures in the higher elevations of the hills in summer usually range from the mid-70s to the high 80s.  When you travel east, the Badlands can be very, very hot in summer, with temperatures frequently near or above 100 degrees, and Rapid City also experiences higher temperatures than the hills.

Retirees, hikers, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts favor FALL — September and October — when daytime temperatures are usually cooler. Traffic is also less congested after the family vacations have ended.  Many say it is the best time to visit the Black Hills! You can enjoy the gorgeous fall colors, usually at their best in the first week of October. Highs in September and October range from the low 60s to the mid-70s in all regions.

When are you planning your vacation to the Black Hills?  Don’t forget to pack a sweatshirt or jacket!